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Record: oai:ARNO:429394

AuthorM.B. Aalbers
TitlePlace, exclusion, and mortgage markets
Pagesvii, 237
Title seriesStudies in Urban and Social Change
FacultyFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Institute/dept.FMG: Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)
AbstractJust as in society, the mortgage market may exclude people on the basis of place, as well as race. Place-based exclusion in the mortgage market often takes the form of "redlining," a tacit agreement among lending institutions to delineate sections of cities into areas where no home mortgages are to be issued. Place, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets presents an in depth examination of the practice of redlining and the broader implications of contemporary urban exclusion processes. Through a careful balance of comparative research and literature reviews, author Manuel B. Aalbers reveals how redlining, which is most visible at the urban level, is also constituted at the interaction of several spatial scales: neighborhood, urban, regional, national, and global. By utilizing several research strategies and presenting documented evidence from various urban sectors in the United States, Italy, and the Netherlands, this book offers fresh insights and much needed analytical clarity to shape our understanding of redlining and other urban exclusion processes.
NoteAvailable in university library UvA.
Document typeBook
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