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Title: Niet-restauratieve caviteitsbehandeling. Cariës activiteit beteugelen in plaats van maskeren
Author: R.J.M. Gruythuysen

Journal: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde

Volume: 117

Year: 2010

Issue: 3

Page (from): 173

Page (untill): 180

ISSN: 0028-2200

Abstract: The traditional re storative approach to active dentin carie s in th e temporary dentition is questioned. This paper argues in favour of a causal approach. The causal approach focuses on caries m anagement. Restoration is of secondary im portance. Delay or replacement of invasive re storative treatm ent by a causal approach decreases d iscomfort for ch ildren and promotes oral health over time. A form of causal treatment is the so called ‘Non-Res torative Cavity Treatment’. This approach requires that some m easures be taken for managing cavitated caries lesions: 1. written informed consent; 2. m aking the cavity accessible for plaque removal; 3. treating carious dentition with anti-cariogenic agents and/or applying a protective layer to the carious dentition; 4. m onitoring the caries process; 5. effective communication about dental h ealth education. Some d iagnostic criteria are im portant for th e risk as ses sment of cavitated les ions : 1. activity of the caries les ion; 2. acces s ibility of the caries les ion for plaque control; 3. d epth of the cavity; 4. condition of the pulp. Conclusion: the causal approach can arrest the caries process even in advanced s tages of d ecay.

Language: Dutch

Document type: article

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