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Digital Academic Repository of the University of Amsterdam

Finding articles, books, chapters, reports and inaugural lectures of UvA staff in the UvA Digital Academic Repository.

Staff of the University of Amsterdam publish around 7,500 academic publications each year. The articles, books, chapters, reports, inaugural lectures and PhD theses for which a digital copy is available, are deposited and archived in the UvA's Digital Academic Repository (UvA-DARE). In addition to the bibliographic details, you will find an increasing number of full-text electronic publications in UvA-DARE.


Yearly, hundreds of newly published dissertations, as well as older ones, are added to the thousands that are already (partially) available in UvA-DARE. In all, the repository currently contains about 7,400 dissertations. If you would like more information about adding your dissertation, please see Publishing a doctoral dissertation.

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For UvA Staff

UvA-DARE enhances the visibility of your publications. The data of your publications in UvA-DARE can be found by search engines (such as Google and Google Scholar) and in inclusive repositories (such as NARCIS and BASE). UvA-DARE also uses UvA-linker, which allows fellow researchers and those interested easy retrieval of your officially published work at the publisher's site. Whether this makes your publication accessible to the visitor will depend on the access rights (see the paragraph below).

Your publication freely available
Besides the bibliographic details, you can add the publication itself to UvA-DARE, in pdf or Word. Of course, you yourself decide whether you only want to archive it (in which case the electronic version is not accessible) or if you wish to give interested researchers and readers full access to the electronic publication. There are great advantages to making it worldwide available. Publications which are freely available are downloaded and cited more often.
If your publisher does not give permission to give access to the definitive publisher's version/pdf, in many cases it is permitted to make the last author's version available (i.e. the version after peer review). This version has the same scientific content, but lacks the publisher's lay-out. More information can be found at SHERPA/RoMEO or on the information pages on Open Access and Copyright of UvA.
If, however, the publisher has no objections, you can give the University Library permission to publish your publications. The University Library will then give access to the publisher's version/pdf.

Automatically generated publications list
Having your publications in UvA-DARE has another advantage: a personal publications list is automatically created. This publications list is worldwide available via the web, and is updated whenever new publications by you are added to METIS, the research information system of UvA. Furthermore, you can easily link to your list from your homepage. UVA-DARE takes care that your publications are included in any surveys made available via the web by the university, faculty, research group or institute.

Missing publications
Are any of your publications missing in UvA-DARE? You can add new publications to UvA-DARE by registering them in personal METIS. It is also possible to upload files there. You can find a quick start guide for Personal Metis on the UvA University Library's.
If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ about UvA-DARE or contact dare@uva.nl for more information.
Link: Personal METIS & Profiles Quick start