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Product 28/28
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World History
Global and Local Interactions

Edited by Patrick Manning

This volume provides the fullest report on new world history research to date. In clear and lively prose, thirteen specialists in world history present their findings in three interconnected sections: the politics of empires and nations, the patterns of global migration, and the social struggles revealed through interdisciplinary analysis. Patrick Manning, a leading advocate of world historical analysis, highlights linkages among the book’s findings and provides recommendations for institutions and individuals embarking on the study of world history.
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Hardcover Info:
ISBN 10 digit: 1-55876-380-5
ISBN 13 digit: 978-1-55876-380-7

Paperback Info:
ISBN 10 digit: 1-55876-395-3
ISBN 13 digit: 978-1-55876-395-1

January 2006

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About Patrick Manning:

Patrick Manning, Northeastern University, is the author of Navigating World History and other books.

Product 28/28
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