Inmigration in Europe, Issues, Policies and Case Studies
TURTON, David; GONZALEZ, Julia (Ed.)
Universidad de Deusto , Bilbao . 2003
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Description: The dynamics of migration in Europe have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Some countries, such as Ireland, Italy and Spain, are newcomers to an increasingly diverse Europe, having moved from being sources of emigration to destinations for migrants. Others such as France, Gerrnany and the UK have many more years of experience with immigrants.
Sorne of the biggest challenges facing Europe in the context of migration relate to irregular migration and integration by imrnigrants and refugees. What are the irnmigration needs of the different European countries? What are their labour needs? Can Europe’s existing population satisfy those labour needs? How can European countries work together to protect and improve the current refugee and asylurn system? In the light of these pressing issues, it is vital that academics and NGOs work together to promote debate, research and the publication of reliable information about migration and refugees.
To this end, academics, policy-rnakers and representatives of NGOs met at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain (30 January—l February 2003) to reflect on and debate the state of irnrnigration in Europe. The results are published in this book.

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