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 Chapter: Logistics of perception 2.0: multiple screen aesthetics in Iraq War films
P. Pisters in: Images et éthique: actes du colloque, 4-5 décembre 2008 , p. 65-80
 Chapter: Une temporalité de Tanger: histoire, mémoire et le temps postcolonial dans l'archive audiovisuelle
P. Pisters in: Villes d'échange(s): Maghreb - Europe: actes de colloque, Amsterdam 2008 , p. 101-110
 Chapter: The fifth element and the fifth dimension of the affection-image
P.P.R.W. Pisters in: Cinema Studies into Visual Theory? D-vision Yearbook vol.1 School of Art, Literature and Music , p. 93-101
download 521896 Dissertation: Amazigh culture and media: Migration and identity in songs, films and websites
A. Dahraoui (2014), p. 212
 Chapter: A Metaphysical Star War? Celestial Consciousness in Contemporary Cinema
P. Pisters in: Astroculture: figurations of cosmology in media and arts (2014), p. 181-194
download 530380 Article: Hersenen en beeldschermen: cinema, neuro-beeld en digitale cultuur (voor)bij Deleuze
P. Pisters in: Wijsgerig Perspectief, Vol. 54 (2014), p. 30-37
download 493765 Dissertation: Welcome to Paradise Island: The rise of Jamaica’s cine-tourist image, 1891-1951
E.S. Martens (2013), p. v, 317
download 513604 Chapter: Madness, Miracles, Machines: Living in a Delirious World without Walls
P. Pisters in: Psychopathologies of cognitive capitalism. Part One (2013), p. 157-184
 Chapter: The Chirping of a Little Bird: Some (Film) Theoretical Reflections
P. Pisters in: Soundscapes of the urban past: staged sound as mediated cultural heritage (2013), p. 117-125
10  download 503822 Dissertation: Skepticism films: Knowing and doubting the world in contemporary cinema
P.A. Schmerheim (2013), p. 307