Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I archive my publication in the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

A wide range of digital publications can be submitted to UvA-DARE: articles, theses, dissertations, books, book chapters, preprints etcetera.

Publications can be registered in Personal Metis, after which you can upload a digital copy of the publication to be archived in UvA-DARE.

More information on Personal METIS can be found in the Personal Metis Quick Start guide.

Please email us at dare@uva.nl with any questions about personal METIS or UvA-DARE.

How will my publications be preserved for the long term via the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

Through the national DARE initiative, a co-operative project in which all Dutch universities, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), SURF, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Royal Library (KB) participate, arrangements have been made to preserve electronic publications for the long term. Publications archived in UvA-DARE, the university’s repository, are deposited in the e-Depot of the Royal Library. The Royal Library is an international leader in the area of long term preservation of digital publications. During the DARE project (2003-2007) the necessary connections were made between the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA and the e-Depot of the KB.

Where is my personal publication list and how can I link to it?

You can see your publication list in UvA-DARE by looking for your own DAI (Digitale Author Identification) number. Your can find your DAI number by clicking on the Repository in UvA-DARE and enter your author name in the browse bar that searches by author. The DAI number is the number next to your name. With your DAI number you can also find your publication list in NARCIS. If you do not have a DAI number you can request a number at dare@uva.nl.

How can I find the publication list of my faculty / institute / department?

You can view the publication list for your faculty, department or institute by either using the “Browse the repository’ function, or the advanced search option.

Which services are offered by the Digital Academic Repository of the UvA?

How do I decide if I am allowed to make my publications freely available to others?

You can make your publication world-wide available without any special arrangements when:

Sometimes the copyright agreement that was signed with a publisher only allows for a pre-print or post-print version of a publication to be made freely available through an institutional repository. Usually these are allowed to remain publicly available after publication in the journal.

If an agreement has been signed in which the author has transferred all rights on the publication, then the publisher must be contacted. Regrettably, this situation occurs regularly, especially when dealing with the large, commercial publishing houses. It is therefore important to consider carefully before signing away one's rights fully and one-sided, given the effect of these agreements on the availability of publications. More information can be found on the Open Access site of the UvA.

Why am I asked to send a digital copy of my publication when the publication is available in an UvA library?

In order to make your publication worldwide accessible, the UvA library can ask you to supply a version (post-print version) of your publication. If your publication is not online available the library will ask you for a digital copy. This can also be the last version which you have send to the publisher. A publication that is worldwide accessible can be reused for educational and research purposes. Making publications worldwide accessible is called Open Access. More information can be found on the Open Access site of the UvA.

How do the bibliographical records belonging to my publications become available online?

The Digital Academic Repository of the Universiteit van Amsterdam complies with the requirements of the Open Archives Initiative, which makes it possible that bibliographical records (metadata) can be harvested from the repository and indexed in a variety of information systems. As a result, metadata belonging to UvA publications can be found in other databases and by search engines (like Google and Google Scholar).

Where can bibliographical records belonging to my publications be found?

How do I cite a specific page or section of my final peer reviewed manuscript?

You should cite the paragraph and not a specific page number in the manuscript.