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Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid - 2012

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 artikel: Revitalizing the European ‘Neighbourhood Economic Community’: the case for legally binding sectoral multilateralism
S. Blockmans, B. van Vooren in: European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol. 17 (2012), p. 577-604
download uvapub:113412 artikel: ACER: demystifying the European energy supervisor from a consumer perspective
S.A.C.M. Lavrijssen, I. Bordei in: Oil, Gas and Energy Law, Vol. 10 (2012), p. 26
 congresbijdrage: Report: Ireland
F. Crehan, E. Fahey, A. Hanrahan, T.J. McIntyre, L. Pech in: Reports of the XXV FIDE Congress Tallinn 2012, volume 3: The area of freedom, security and justice & the information society (2012), p. 397-422
 artikel: Consequences of economic inequality: introduction to a special issue
H.G. van de Werfhorst, W. Salverda in: Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Vol. 30 (2012), p. 377-387
download uvapub:109390 artikel: The myth of European term harmonisation: 27 public domains for the 27 Member States
C. Angelopoulos in: IIC: International review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law, Vol. 43 (2012), p. 567-594
 hoofdstuk: Ethos, ethics and morality in international relations
J. von Bernstorff, I. Venzke in: The Max Planck encyclopedia of public international law. - volume III (2012), p. 709-718
 artikel: In whose name? An investigation of international courts' public authority and its democratic justification
A. von Bogdandy, I. Venzke in: European Journal of International Law, Vol. 23 (2012), p. 7-41
 artikel: Developing ethnic talent in the Dutch national tax administration: a case study
F.J. Glastra, M. Meerman in: European Journal of Training and Development, Vol. 36 (2012), p. 105-124
download uvapub:111625 dissertatie: Nationalism and private law in Europe
G. Comparato (2012), p. 286
10  download uvapub:113700 rapport: Minder ernstig, vaker gestraft: een onderzoek naar de aard en kwalificatie van jeugdcriminaliteit
D.J. Korf, A. Benschop, T. Blom, M. Steen (2012), p. 122