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Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid - 1997

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 artikel: Moving beyond command-and-control: Reflexivity in the regulation of occupational safety and health and the environment
M.V.C. Aalders, A.C.J.M. Wilthagen in: Law & Policy, Vol. 19 (1997), p. 417-445
 dissertatie: Rituals of silence. Long-term tranquilizer use by woman in the Netherlands. A social case study
J.A. Haafkens (1997)
 artikel: Niepelnosprawni w Holandii. Funkcjonowanie systemnu ubezpieczenia spolecnego.
A.C Hendriks in: Problemy rehabilitacji Spolecznej i Zawodowej, Vol. 4 (1997), p. 81-97
 hoofdstuk: EC Competition Rules for Economies in Transition.
J.H. Mathis, P. Nicolaides in: Rules of Competition for the Economic Integration of Countries in Transition to the EU. (1997), p. 147-167
 hoofdstuk: Europe Agreement Competition Policy.
J.H. Mathis, P. Holmes in: Rules of Competition for the Economic Integration of Countries in Transition to the EU. (1997), p. 199-221
download uvapub:2787 artikel: Statutory regulation and workers' competence: the influence of Dutch works councils on the introduction of new technology
K. Tijdens, M. van Klaveren in: Economic and Industrial Democracy, Vol. 18 (1997), p. 457-487
download uvapub:28304 dissertatie: Vrijheid van meningsuiting van werknemers en ambtenaren
E. Verhulp (1997), p. 408
 boek - monografie: 'A Dutch miracle': job growth, welfare reform and corporatism in the Netherlands
J. Visser, A. Hemerijck (1997), p. 206
 hoofdstuk: European Labor and Transnational Solidarity. Challenges, Pathways, and Barriers
J. Visser, B. Ebbinghaus in: European Integration in Social and Historical perspective. 1850 to the present (1997), p. 195-222
10   artikel: The World Trade Organisation.
J.F. Weiss, R.G. Tarasovsky in: Yearbook of International Environmental Law, Vol. 8 (1997), p. 582-603