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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2010

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 artikel - letter to the editor: Interventi imperiali in campo economico e sociale
B. Abatino in: Index : quaderni camerti di studi romanistici = International survey of Roman law, Vol. 38 (2010), p. 675-677
 pre-print/working paper: Les documents comptables des particuliers: classification et transmission des informations comptables à Rome
B. Abatino (2010), p. 12
 pre-print/working paper: Disruptions in large value payment systems: an experimental approach
K. Abbink, R. Bosman, R. Heijmans, F. van Winden (2010), p. 26
 artikel - letter to the editor: Intergroup conflict and intra-group punishment in an experimental contest game
K. Abbink, J. Brandts, B. Herrmann, H. Orzen in: The American Economic Review, Vol. 100 (2010), p. 420-447
 artikel - letter to the editor: De dynamiek van organisatieverandering en de impact op informatiemanagement
T. Abcouwer, T. Goense in: Informatie, Vol. 52 (2010), p. 36-42
 artikel - letter to the editor: Time use in Spain: is polychronicity a cultural phenomenon?
S.J.M. Adams, W. van Eerde in: Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 25 (2010), p. 764-776
download uvapub:109638 artikel - letter to the editor: A reversible Erlang loss system with multitype customers and multitype servers
I. Adan, C. Hurkens, G. Weiss in: Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, Vol. 24 (2010), p. 536-548
 artikel - letter to the editor: In memoriam Jaap Wessels (1939-2009)
I. Adan, O. Boxma, J. van der Wal in: Statistica Neerlandica, Vol. 64 (2010), p. 131-132
 rapport: Economic contribution of EU industries relying on exceptions and limitations to copyright
I. Akker, R. van der Noll, J.P. Poort, F. Tewes (2010), p. i, 36
10  download uvapub:76441 dissertatie: Dynamic delay management at railways: a Semi-Markovian Decision approach
A. Al Ibrahim (2010), p. xii, 233