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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2012

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 article: Visual synonyms for landmark image retrieval
E. Gavves, C.G.M. Snoek, A.W.M. Smeulders in: Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol. 116 (2012), p. 238-249
download uvapub:133878 article: Chandra/HETGS Observations of the Brightest Flare Seen from Sgr A*
M.A. Nowak, J. Neilsen, S.B. Markoff, F.K. Baganoff, D. Porquet, N. Grosso, Y. Levin, J. Houck, A. Eckart, H. Falcke, L. Ji, J.M. Miller, Q.D. Wang in: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 759 (2012), p. 95-
download uvapub:109784 PhD thesis: Magnetoelectric resonant metamaterial scatterers
I. Seršić (2012), p. 130
 article: Microporous metal-organic framework with potential for carbon dioxide capture at ambient conditions
S.C. Xiang, Y. He, Z. Zhang, H. Wu, W. Zhou, R. Krishna, B. Chen in: Nature Communications, Vol. 3 (2012), p. 9
download uvapub:119314 article: What are you looking at?: improving visual gaze estimation by saliency
R. Valenti, N. Sebe, T. Gevers in: International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol. 98 (2012), p. 324-334
download uvapub:139707 article: The microquasar Cyg X-1: a short review
M.A. Nowak, J. Wilms, M. Hanke, K. Pottschmidt, S. Markoff in: Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana, Vol. 83 (2012), p. 202-206
 conference contribution: Spaceship earth: take your classroom into space
S. Hartevelt, W. van den Putte, J. Wamsteker, S. de Vet, J.J.W.A. van Loon, E. Celton, N.D.L. Savage in: 63rd International Astronautical Congress 2012 (IAC 2012) (2012), p. 9735-9742
download uvapub:138917 report: Informaticology: combining Computer Science, Data Science, and Fiction Science
J.A. Bergstra (2012), p. 21
 article: Where is the user in multimedia retrieval?
M. Worring, P. Sajda, S. Santini, D.A. Shamma, A.F. Smeaton, Q. Yang in: IEEE Multimedia, Vol. 19 (2012), p. 6-10
10   article: Combined search for the Standard Model Higgs boson using up to 4.9 fb- 1 of pp collision data at sqrt s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
G. Aad, . et al, S. Bentvelsen, A.P. Colijn, A.D. Doxiadis, H. Garitaonandia, D.A.A. Geerts, M. Gosselink, P. de Jong, M.S. Kayl, Z. van Kesteren, E. Koffeman, E. van der Kraaij, H.C. Lee, R.H.L. van der Leeuw, F. Linde, J. Mechnich, I. Mussche, L. de Nooij, J.P. Ottersbach, M. Tsiakiris, J.C. Vermeulen, M. Vreeswijk, I. van Vulpen, E. van der Poel, M. Rijpstra, N. Ruckstuhl in: Physics Letters B, Vol. 710 (2012), p. 49-66