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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2011

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 conference contribution: Deontics = Betterness + Priority
J. van Benthem, D. Grossi, F. Liu in: Deontic logic in computer science: 10th international conference, DEON 2010, Fiesole, Italy, July 7-9, 2010: proceedings (2011), p. 50-65
 conference contribution: Controlled dissemination of Electronic Medical Records
G. van 't Noordende in: Proc. 2nd USENIX Workshop on Health Security and Privacy (HealthSec'11) (2011), p. 1-4
 article: Ciliates as engineers of phototrophic biofilms.
E.J. Weerman, H.G. van der Geest, M.D van der Meulen, E.M.M. Manders, J. van de Koppel, P.M.J. Herman, W. Admiraal in: Freshwater Biology, Vol. 56 (2011), p. 1358-1369
 article: Prediction for the neutrino mass in the KATRIN experiment from lensing by the galaxy cluster A1689
T.M. Nieuwenhuizen, A. Morandi in: Journal of Cosmology, Vol. 15 (2011), p. 6004-6016
 article: Edgeless silicon sensors for Medipix-based large-area X-ray imaging detectors
M.J. Bosma, J. Visser, O. Evrard, P. de Moor, K. de Munck, D. Sabuncuoglu Tezcan, E.N. Koffeman in: Journal of Instrumentation, Vol. 6 (2011), p. 14
 conference contribution: Dependence theory via game theory
D. Grossi, P. Turrini in: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS'10), (2011), p. 1147-1154
 article: Growth-dependent secretome of Candida utilis
C. Buerth, C.J. Heilmann, F.M. Klis, C.G. de Koster, J.F. Ernst, D. Tielker in: Microbiology - SGM, Vol. 157 (2011), p. 2493-2503
 article: Identification and differential gene expression of adhesin-like wall proteins in Candida glabrata biofilms
E.A. Kraneveld, J.J. de Soet, D.M. Deng, H.L. Dekker, C.G. de Koster, F.M. Klis, W. Crielaard, P.W.J. de Groot in: Mycopathologia, Vol. 172 (2011), p. 415-427
 article: Subunits Rip1p and Cox9p of the respiratory chain contribute to diclofenac-induced mitochondrial dysfunction
J.S. van Leeuwen, R. Orij, M.A.H. Luttik, G.J. Smits, N.P.E. Vermeulen, J. C. Vos in: Microbiology - SGM, Vol. 157 (2011), p. 685-694
10   conference contribution: Hierarchical activity recognition using automatic clustering of actions
T.L.M. van Kasteren, G. Englebienne, B.J.A. Kröse in: Ambient intelligence: second international joint conference, AmI 2011, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 16-18, 2011: proceedings (2011), p. 82-91