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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2002

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 article: Three-dimensional photonic crystals as a cage for light
A.F. Koenderink in: C.R. Physique, Vol. 3 (2002), p. 65-77
 conference contribution: Signalling games: Hoe evolutie optimale strategieen selecteert
K.R. Blutner, E. Borra, T. Lentz, A. Uijlings, R. Zevenhuijzen in: Handelingen van de 24ste Nederlands-Vlaamse Filosofiedag (2002), p. 130-136
 article: An international intercomparison exercise for the determination of purified microcystin-LR and microcystins in cyanobacterial field material
J. Fastner, G.A. Codd, J.S. Metcalf, P. Woitke, C. Wiedner, H. Utkilen in: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Vol. 374 (2002), p. 437-444
 conference contribution: Fauna Europaea, lessons learnt from the initial development
W. Los in: Abstracts sixth Int. Congress of Systematics and Evolutionary Biology (2002), p. 64-64
 book editorship: Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 3
F. Wolter, M. Zakharyaschev, M. de Rijke, H. Wansing (2002)
 conference contribution: Towards an optimal scoring policy for simulated soccer agents
J.R. Kok, R. de Boer, N. Vlassis, F.C.A. Groen in: RoboCup 2002: Robot Soccer World Cup VI (2002), p. 292-299
 article: Bidirektionale optimalit√§tstheorie
K.R. Blutner in: Kognitionswissenschaft, Vol. 9 (2002), p. 158-168
 report: Perfluoroalkylated substances - Aquatic environmental assessment.
F.M. Hekster, P. de Voogt, A.C.M. Pijnenburg, R.W.P.M. Laane (2002), p. 1-99
 conference contribution: Team coordination among robotic soccer players
M.T.J. Spaan, F.C.A. Groen in: RoboCup 2002 (2002), p. 356-363
10   article: Lexical semantics and pragmatics
K.R. Blutner in: Linguistische Berichte, Vol. 10 (2002), p. 27-58