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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2009

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 book - monograph: Bakens van licht en heilige koepels: Hindoestaans moskeeontwerp in Nederland
E.R. Roose (2009), p. 64
 book review: 
M.C. Hinrichsen in: Acta Politica, Vol. 44 (2009), p. 349-351 , Post-broadcast democracy: how media choice increases inequality in political involvement and polarizes elections
download uvapub:78981 book review: Euro Islam Architecture
E. Roose in: ArchiNed (2009), Euro Islam Architecture: New Mosques of the Occident
 book chapter: Integrating development studies in peace and security studies
G. Junne in: Peace, security and development in an era of globalization: the integrated security approach viewed from a multidisciplinary perspective (2009), p. 49-70
 book chapter: Globalisierung: Öl auf das Feuer?
G. Junne in: Globalisierung: entgrenzte Welten versus begrenzte Identitäten?: Festschrift für Hartmut Elsenhans (2009), p. 83-96
 article: A short fuse after alcohol: implicit power associations predict aggressiveness after alcohol consumption in young heavy drinkers with limited executive control
R.W. Wiers, L. Beckers, K. Houben, W. Hofmann in: Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Vol. 93 (2009), p. 300-305
 article: Banal cosmopolitanism and The Lord of the Rings: the limited role of national differences in global media consumption
G. Kuipers, J. de Kloet in: Poetics, Vol. 37 (2009), p. 99-118
 book - monograph: Behandeling van de dwangstoornis bij kinderen en adolescenten: met het cognitief-gedragstherapeutisch protocol Bedwing je dwang
E. de Haan, L. Wolters (2009), p. 124
 article: Children's experiences with chat support and telephone support
R.G. Fukkink, J.M.A. Hermanns in: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 50 (2009), p. 759-766
10   article: Heavy drinking is associated with deficient response inhibition in women but not in men
C. Nederkoorn, M. Baltus, R. Guerrieri, R.W. Wiers in: Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Vol. 93 (2009), p. 331-336