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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1999

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 article: Automatic priming effects for new associations in lexical decision and perceptual identification
D. Pecher, J.G.W. Raaijmakers in: Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. A, Human Experimental Psychology, Vol. 52A (1999), p. 593-614
 book chapter: Age-related strategy differences in task-switching
R. Eenhuistra, E.J. Wagenmakers, J. de Jong in: Eleventh Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology: Proceedings (1999), p. 262-262
 article: How to deal with "The language-as-fixed-effect fallacy": Common misconceptions and alternative solutions
J.G.W. Raaijmakers, J.M.C. Schrijnemakers, F. Gremmen in: Journal of Memory and Language, Vol. 41 (1999), p. 416-426
 article: Heart rate change induced by motoric inhibition not coordination of perceptual and motor processing
J.R. Jennings, M.W. van der Molen, K.B. Debski in: Psychophysiology, Vol. 36 (1999), p. S63-S63
 article: The influence of different doses of caffeine on visual task performance: an event-related brain potential study
J. Ruijter, M.M. Lorist, J. Snel in: Journal of Psychophysiology, Vol. 13 (1999), p. 37-38
 article:  Age-related differences in the anti-saccade task
S.T. Nieuwenhuis, K.R. Ridderinkhof, M.W. van der Molen, A. Kok in: Psychophysiology, Vol. 36 (1999), p. S85-S85
 article: changes in daily hassles and life events and the relationship with coronary heart disease risk factors: a 2-yeart longitudinal study in 27-29 year old males and females.
J.W.R. Twisk, J. Snel, H.C.G. Kemper, W. van Mechelen in: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Vol. 46 (1999), p. 229-240
 report: Werkdruk en het functioneren van individuen in teams
C.K.W. de Dreu, S.E. Sonnentag, D.L. van Knippenberg, A.E.M. van Vianen, A.V.A.M. Evers, M.T.M. Dijkstra (1999)
 book chapter: Cognitive control and the costs of task shifting: Do shift costs pertain to task preparation or to task performance?
K.R. Ridderinkhof in: Eleventh conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology: Proceedings (1999), p. 204-204
10   book chapter: Inclusion and Integration in Western Europe and Russia. A Theoretical Framework
K. Bezoukladnikov, J.C. van der Wolf in: Opening schools for all (1999), p. 33-37