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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 1997

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 book chapter: The Druten disturbances: exploratory RSPK research
J.L.F. Gerding, R. Wezelman, D.J. Bierman in: Proceedings of the 40th PA Convention (1997), p. 146-161
 report: Back to inertia
G. Peli, L. Polos, M.T. Hannan (1997)
 book chapter: School autonomy:a Framework for a European comparison
A.M.L. van Wieringen in: Restructuring public schooling: Europe, Canada, America (1997), p. 59-74
 book chapter: Restructuring schooling to date: an assessment
S. Lawton, Th. Liket, R. Reed, A.M.L. van Wieringen in: Restructuring public schooling: Europe, Canada, America (1997), p. 191-200
 article: Aerobic fitness and the circadian arousal rhythm in the elderly
W.F. Hofman, C. Lijzenga, J. Snel, A. Kok, M. Mirmiran in: Journal of Sleep Research, Vol. 26 (1997), p. 717-717
 book chapter: Decision making in dynamic task environments
J.H. Kerstholt, J.G.W. Raaijmakers in: Decision Making: Cognitive Models and Explanations (1997), p. 205-217
 report: Theorem proving with equations (Handout for the lecture series "theoremproving" by Cees Doets)
B.S. Ó Nualláin (1997)
 article: Event-related potentials to deviant tones in light sleep in elderly males
C. Kluft, M.R. Elton, W.F. Hofman, J.L. Kenemans in: Journal of Psychophysiology, Vol. 11 (1997)
 book chapter: Caffeine, morning-evening type and coffee odour - attention, memory search and visual related potentials Ch. 9
A.P.W. Kole, J. Snel, M.M. Lorist in: Nicotine, Caffeine and social Drinking - Behaviour and brain function (1997), p. 201-214
10   book chapter: Lexical and conceptual memory in the bilingual: Mapping form to meaning in two languages
J.F. Kroll, A.M.B. de Groot in: Tutorials in bilingualism: Psycholinguistic perspectives (1997), p. 169-199