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Faculty of Humanities - 2011

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 book chapter: A bestseller in context: referring to the Tsene Rene in early modern Yiddish books
S. Berger in: Studies in the history of culture and science: a tribute to Gad Freudenthal (2011), p. 419-429
 book chapter: Das Ostergeschehen im Alsfelder Passionsspiel: ein transgenerischer Analyseversuch
C. Dauven-van Knippenberg in: Thi Timit Lof: Festschrift für Arend Quak zum 65. Geburtstag (2011), p. 329-341
 conference contribution: How to measure quality of content in language and thought provoking interaction in primary school
R. Damhuis, A. de Blauw in: Book of abstracts and extended summaries: [EARLI conference 2011: Exeter, United Kingdom: Education for a Global Networked Society: 30 August-3 September 2011] (2011), p. [1479-1481]
 book chapter: Mediatization of the Provos: from a local movement to a European phenomenon
N. Pas in: Between Prague Spring and French May: opposition and revolt in Europe, 1960-1980 (2011), p. 157-176
download uvapub:101626 article: Investeer in interactieve interactievaardigheden: leerlingen aan het denken zetten
A.C. Tammes, A. de Blauw in: JSW: jeugd in school en wereld, Vol. 95 (2011), p. 18-21
download uvapub:119281 book chapter: 'The Pilgrims': an extraordinary 1841 novel about Jews in the Netherlands
M. Mathijsen in: Reading texts on Jews and Judaism in the Low Countries (2011), p. 129-148
 book chapter: Waarom is de dood een kwaad?
G. den Hartogh in: Filosofie, geneeskunde en de dood (2011), p. 75-90
 book chapter: Hobbes, Locke, and Spinoza. §§ 4.1-4.2
G. den Hartogh in: Law, order and freedom: a historical introduction to legal philosophy (2011), p. 111-134
 article: "The field of finance": war and taxation in Holland, Flanders and Brabant, 1572-85
E. Swart in: The Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol. 42 (2011), p. 1051-1071
10   book - monograph: Spiegelpaleis Europa: Europese cultuur als mythe en beeldvorming
J. Leerssen (2011), p. 205