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Faculty of Humanities - 2008

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 part of book - chapter: Les Pays-Bas et les provos dans les 'années 1966'
N. Pas in: 68: une histoire collective, 1962 - 1981 (2008), p. 106-110
 part of book - chapter: Subcultural movements: the Provos
N. Pas in: 1968 in Europe: a history of protest and activism, 1956-77 (2008), p. 13-21
 part of book - chapter: Victor E. van Vriesland
K. Beekman, R. Grüttemeier in: Kritisch lexicon van de moderne Nederlandstalige literatuur (2008), p. 1-15, A1-2, B1-6
 book - monograph: Le théâtre polémique français 1450-1550
M. Bouhaïk-Gironès, J. Koopmans, K. Lavéant (2008), p. 212
 book review: 
J. Koopmans in: European Medieval Drama, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 231-234 , Laughing matters: farce and the making of Absolutism in France
 book review: 
J. Koopmans in: European Medieval Drama, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 237-239 , A common stage: theater and public life in medieval Arras
download uvapub:61222 article - letter to the editor: Kinderporno, pedofilie en de tijdgeest
E. van Ree in: De Helling, Vol. 21 (2008), p. 8-13
 book review: 
J. Koopmans in: European Medieval Drama, Vol. 12 (2008), p. 235-236 , The narrator, the expositor, and the prompter in European medieval theatre
download uvapub:61224 part of book - chapter: Heroes and merchants: Joseph Stalin and the nations of Europe
E. van Ree in: Imagining Europe: Europe and European civilisation as seen from its margins and by the rest of the world, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (2008), p. 51-72
10  download uvapub:60768 article - letter to the editor: Het kind als schrijver
N. Laan in: Literatuur zonder Leeftijd, Vol. 22 (2008), p. 48-73