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Faculty of Humanities - 2005

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download uvapub:35732 PhD thesis: Learning second language grammar by listening
C.A.M. de Jong (2005), p. 159
 book chapter: 'La vie politique selon Simon Stevin et Juste Lipse.'
W. den Boer in: Simon Stevin, De la vie civile 1590 (2005), p. 191-200
 article: 'Homer and his own Reception'
I.J.F. de Jong in: Pharos: journal of the Netherlands Institute in Athens, Vol. 12 (2004) (2005), p. 189-201
 article: 'Intermezzo nationaliste et renaissance europĂ©enne - l'identitĂ© de l'Europe et cinq identifications.'
W. den Boer in: Eurostudia, Vol. 1 (2005), p. 6-13
 article: Convention Versus Realism in the Homeric Epics
I.J.F. de Jong in: Mnemosyne, Vol. 58 (2005), p. 1-22
 book editorship: Simon Stevin. De la vie civile 1590
C. Secretan, P. den Boer (2005), p. 237
 article: Aristotle on the Homeric Narrator
I.J.F. de Jong in: CQ, Vol. 55 (2005), p. 616-621
 article: 'Narratologia e storiografia: il racconto di Atys e Adrasto in Erodoto 1.34-45'
I.J.F. de Jong in: QUCC, Vol. 109 (2005), p. 87-96
 book chapter: 'Epic', 'in medias res', 'ancient theories of narrative (Western)'
I.J.F. de Jong in: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory (2005)
10   article: 'The Theatron Module Guide to Good Practice'
P.G.F. Eversmann in: Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today, Vol. 6 (2005)