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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 2003

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 book chapter: Which or what? A study of interrogative determiners in present-day English
B. Aarts, M.E. Keizer, M. Spinillo, S. Wallis in: Corpus Linguistics by the Lune (2003), p. 9-22
 book chapter: Focus constructions across Kwa
E.O. Aboh in: Kinyira njira!-Step firmly on the pathway! Trends in African Linguistics 5 (2003), p. 7-22
 book chapter: Les constructions à objet préposé et les séries verbales dans les langues kwa
E.O. Aboh in: Typologie des langues d'Afrique et universaux de la grammaire vol 2: Benue-Kwa, Soninke, Wolof (2003), p. 15-40
 book chapter: Object shift and verb movement in Gbe
E.O. Aboh in: Actes du 3e congrès mondial de linguistique africaine Lomé 2000 (2003), p. 1-20
download uvapub:33817 PhD thesis: Resistance and remembrance: History-telling of the Iraqi Shi'ite Arab refugees women and their families in the Netherlands
T.H. Al-Khalifa Sharif (2003), p. 190
 conference contribution: De interactionele kracht van vragen ( en vrouwen)
I.C. van Alphen in: Artikelen van de Vierde Sociolinguïstische conferentie (2003), p. 11-21
 conference contribution: Taalkeuze en geheimtaal in Amsterdam
I.C. van Alphen in: Appel heeft het gedaan (2003), p. 162-167
 book editorship: Culture and cooperation in Europe's borderlands
J. Anderson, L. O'Dowd, M.E. Spiering (2003), p. 250
 conference contribution: Irregular accent patterns in Correspondence Theory
D. Apoussidou in: Selected Papers from the 15th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. (2003), p. 228-238
10   conference contribution: Learnability of Latin stress.
D. Apoussidou, P. Boersma in: Proceedings of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences 25. University of Amsterdam. (2003), p. 101-148