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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 1999

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 article: American Empire and Cultural Imperialism
R. Kroes in: Diplomatic History, Vol. 18 (1999), p. 463-479
 article: World Wars and Watersheds
R. Kroes in: Diplomatic History, Vol. 18 (1999), p. 71-79
 book chapter: American Empire and Cultural Imperialism: A View from the Receiving End
R. Kroes in: The Ambiguous Legacy: U.S. Foreign Relations in the 'American Century' (1999), p. 500-521
 article: Wie is mijn gelijke?
F.C.L.M. Jacobs in: Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, Vol. 91 (1999), p. 3-15
 book chapter: Rap Music and American Street Culture
R. Kroes in: Those United States: International Perspectives on American History (1999), p. 286-290
 article: On the need for a separate perception grammar.
P. Boersma in: Rutgers Optimality Archive, Vol. 358 (1999), p. 30
download uvapub:40361 article: Drugs as a human right
E. van Ree in: The International Journal of Drug Policy, Vol. 10 (1999), p. 89-98
 book chapter: There are no borders: American Studies in the Netherlands, America in the World
R. Kroes in: Through the Cultural Looking Glass: American Studies in Transcultural Perspective (1999), p. 69-91
 book chapter: Het groteske als trait d'union tussen Romantiek, historische avant-garde en postmodernisme
K.D. Beekman in: De as van de Romantiek (1999), p. 34-45
10   book chapter: A.N.J. den Hollander and the Amerika Instituut
R. Kroes in: Predecessors: Intellectual Lineages in American Studies (1999), p. 3-14