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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 1990

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 article: Tully's Locke
G.A. den Hartogh in: Political Theory, Vol. 18 (1990), p. 656-672
download uvapub:82040 book - monograph: Waar gaat de FG heen?
C.E. Keijsper (1990), p. 1
download uvapub:82033 article: Het islamitisch strafrecht
R. Peters in: Justitiële Verkenningen, Vol. 16 (1990), p. 67-87
download uvapub:96083 article: Murder on the Nile: homicide trials in 19th century Egyptian shari'a courts
R. Peters in: Die Welt des Islams, Vol. 30 (1990), p. 98-116
download uvapub:95428 article: Reinhard Schulze's quest for an Islamic Enlightenment
R. Peters in: Die Welt des Islams, Vol. 30 (1990), p. 160-162
download uvapub:82026 book chapter: The codification of criminal law in nineteenth century Egypt: tradition or modernization?
R. Peters in: Law, society, and national identity in Africa (1990), p. 211-225
download uvapub:82018 book chapter: Who killed Abd Allah Al-Ghazza? A murder trail before a nineteenth century Egyptian Qadi
R. Peters in: Amsterdam Middle Eastern studies (1990), p. 84-98
 conference contribution: Illocutionary function and functional illocution
R. Risselada in: Working Papers in Functional Grammar 34 (1990), p. 25
download uvapub:82446 book review: 
A. Schippers in: Bibliotheca Orientalis, Vol. 47 (1990), p. 836-838 , Gesammelte schriften: islamitische und jüdisch-islamitische studien
10  download uvapub:82101 book chapter: Arabic and Hebrew Andalusian war poems: reflections on the poetry of Samuel ha-Nagid
A. Schippers in: 10th World congress of Jewish studies: Jerusalem 16-19 August 1989: division C (1990), p. 41-48