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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 1987

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 book chapter: The pragmatic motivation of syntactic and semantic perspective
A.M. Bolkestein, R. Risselada in: The pragmatic perpsective. Selected papers from the 1985 International Pragmatics Conference (1987), p. 497-512
download uvapub:82064 book chapter: A 'case' for the old English impersonal
O.C.M. Fischer, F. van der Leek in: Explanation and linguistic change (1987), p. 79-120
download uvapub:81904 article: Some remarks on the analysis of perception verb complements in middle English: A reply
O.C.M. Fischer in: Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny, Vol. 34 (1987), p. 57-67
 PhD thesis: Narrators and focalizers: the presentation of the story in the Iliad
I.J.F. de Jong (1987), p. 322
 article: The Voice of Anonymity: "tis"-speeches in the Ilias.
I.J.F. de Jong in: Eranos, Vol. 85 (1987), p. 69-84
download uvapub:81938 article: Het werkwoord ligt dwars
C.E. Keijsper in: Forum der Letteren, Vol. 28 (1987), p. 94-98
download uvapub:81909 article: Remarks on production and perception of standard Serbo-Croatian tonal accents: A reply
C.E. Keijsper in: Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics, Vol. 10 (1987), p. 207-218
download uvapub:81916 article: Studying Neoštokavian Serbocroation prosody
C.E. Keijsper in: Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics, Vol. 10 (1987), p. 101-193
download uvapub:81729 book chapter: Two views of accent: a third opinion
C.E. Keijsper in: On Accent (1987), p. 162-201
10   PhD thesis: Recueil général des ermons joyeux français (XVe-XVIe siècles)
J. Koopmans (1987), p. 593