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Publication list

Faculty of Humanities - 1983

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download uvapub:81460 article: The demise of the Old English impersonal construction
O.C.M. Fischer, F.C. van der Leek in: Journal of Linguistics, Vol. 19 (1983), p. 337-368
download uvapub:81672 article: Comparing Dutch and Russian pitch contours
C.E. Keijsper in: Russian Linguistics, Vol. 7 (1983), p. 101-154
download uvapub:81456 article: On themes and rhemes
C.E. Keijsper in: Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics, Vol. 3 (1983), p. 265-309
download uvapub:81748 article: Islam and the legitimation of power: the Mahdi-revolt in the Sudan
R. Peters in: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenl√§ndischen Gesellschaft, Vol. Supplement (1983), p. 409-420
download uvapub:81746 book review: 
A. Schippers in: Midden Oosten en Islampublicatie, Vol. 11 (1983), p. 129-133, Beyond the line: classical Arabic literary critics on the coherence and unity of the poem
download uvapub:81730 book review: 
A. Schippers in: Midden Oosten en Islampublicatie, Vol. 11 (1983), p. 139-148
 PhD thesis: Velimir Chlebnikov and the development of poetical language in Russian symbolism and futurism
W.G. Weststeijn (1983), p. 300