Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I archive my Master's thesis in UvA Scripties Online?

In general, it is policy to submit documents in PDF. For further information on submitting documents, please consult the contact person for your faculty, institute or department. In this phase of UvA Scripties Online, these are:

If your faculty, department or institute is interested in joining UvA Scripties Online, please contact your faculty librarian or send an email to dare@uva.nl.

Who can use the service?

Everyone who has written a Master's thesis as a part of his or her study at the UvA. Arrangements about how UvA Scripties Online is used are made at the faculty and/or departmental/institute level.

Which services are offered by UvA Scripties Online?

How do bibliographical records about my publications become available in this network?

UvA Scripties Online complies with the requirements outlined in the Open Archives Initiative (http://www.openarchives.org/) in a way that bibliographical records (metadata) can be harvested from the repository and indexed in a variety of information systems. As a result, metadata belonging to UvA Master's theses can be found in other databases.

What is the difference between UvA Scripties Online and the Library Catalogue with Master's Theses?

The Catalogue only contains bibliographic descriptions of (old) UvA Master's theses submitted that were submitted on paper and which are available at faculty libraries. UvA Scripties Online contains the digital version of a thesis. To search the library catalogue, use "Advanced Search", and select "Assignments and Papers" to limit the search.