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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2010

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download 199557 Dissertation: Genome-wide expression analysis of environmental stress in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803
E. Aguirre von Wobeser (2010), p. 139
download 201533 Dissertation: Understanding and supporting information seeking tasks across multiple sources
A.K. Amin (2010), p. 140
download 185145 Dissertation: Plant phosphatidic acid metabolism in response to environmental stress
S.A. Arisz (2010), p. 166
download 169953 Dissertation: Supersymmetric black holes as probes of quantum gravity
X.D. Arsiwalla (2010), p. iv, 158
download 192038 Dissertation: Classification of pattern and process in small-scale dynamic ecosystems; with cases in the Dutch coastal dunes
D. Assendorp (2010), p. 172
download 174607 Dissertation: Biodiversity, pathogenicity and antifungal susceptibility of Cladophialophora and relatives
H. Badali (2010), p. 149
download 169113 Dissertation: Permanent magnetic atom chips
I. Barb (2010), p. viii, 90
download 190987 Dissertation: Distribution and succession of vascular epiphytes in Colombian Amazonia
A.M. Benavides Duque (2010), p. 196
download 174945 Dissertation: Structure and dynamics of complex hydrogen-bonded systems
P. Bodis (2010), p. 150
10  download 182352 Dissertation: Ontology enrichment from heterogeneous sources on the web
V. de Boer (2010), p. viii, 162