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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2001

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download 60109 Dissertation: Kaon prodution in $\tau$-decays
E.E. Agasi (2001), p. 91
download 445335 Dissertation: Quantification under Conceptual Covers
M. Aloni (2001), p. 204
download 85150 Dissertation: Light-induced proton transfer from gas phase protonated naphthalene and the indene radical cation to reference bases and their associated kinetics
F.H.W. van Amerom (2001), p. 97
download 60388 Dissertation: Photochemistry and Electrochemistry of Triosmium Clusters, The Non-Carbonyl Co-Ligand Makes the Difference
M.J. Bakker (2001)
download 58448 Dissertation: Community structure and habitat associations of lowland grassland birds in Nepal.
H.S. Baral (2001), p. 235
download 85590 Dissertation: Studies towards the total synthesis of solanoeclepin A: synthesis of analogues containing the tetracyclic left-hand substructure.
J.C.J. Benningshof (2001)
download 85417 Dissertation: Optimal process analyzer selection and positioning for plant-wide monitoring
F.W.J. van den Berg (2001)
download 85024 Dissertation: Integration of design and control by nonlinear analysis
C.S. Bildea (2001), p. 190
download 446046 Dissertation: Intramolecular [2+2]photocycloadditions as an approach towards the right-hand side of solanoeclepin A.
R.H. Blaauw (2001)
10  download 104044 Dissertation: The processing and evolution of dust in Herbig Ae/Be systems.
J. Bouwman (2001), p. 157