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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 2000

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download 194804 Dissertation: Geomorphology of the Malindi Bay coastal sand dunes
J. Abuodha (2000), p. 179
download 83348 Dissertation: Molecular physiology of responses to oxygen in Escherichia coli
S.V. Alexeeva (2000), p. 223
download 194909 Dissertation: Logic Engineering. The Case of Description and Hybrid Logics
C.E. Areces (2000)
download 55358 Dissertation: CFD: a design and scale-up tool for multiphase reactors
J.M. van Baten (2000), p. 169
download 195076 Dissertation: Production of dimethylsulfonionpropionate and dimethylsulfide in intertidal sediment ecosystems.
S.A. van Bergeijk (2000), p. 157
download 81947 Dissertation: Estimating rate constants of chemical reactions using spectroscopy
S. Bijlsma (2000)
download 83185 Dissertation: Measurement of the strange quark forward-backward asymmetry around the $Z^0$ peak
E. Boudinov (2000), p. 119
download 55973 Dissertation: Interaction in the museum: Observing, supporting, learning
J.M. Bradburne (2000), p. 191
download 83613 Dissertation: Oxidation reactions catalyzed by Vanadium peroxidases.
H.B. ten Brink (2000), p. 119
10  download 57171 Dissertation: Stereoge Phosphorus Containing Phosphine-Phosphite Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis.
S. Deerenberg (2000)