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Publication list

Faculty of Science - 1997

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 Dissertation: Vegetacion, fitogeografia y paleoecologia del zacatonal alpino y bosques montanos de la region central de Mexico
L. Almeida-Lenero (1997), p. 255
 Dissertation: The fungal vanadium chloroperoxidase: from primary structure to function
P. Barnett (1997)
 Dissertation: Population dynamics in object-oriented and individual-based models
J.M. Baveco (1997), p. 143
 Dissertation: A study of hadronic punchthrough at the RD5 experimental setup
R. Bergman (1997), p. 149
 Dissertation: A thermodynamic study of the zirconium-tellurium and the cesium-tellurium systems : chemical behaviour of tellurium
R. de Boer (1997)
 Dissertation: Grammars modulo bisimulation
D.J.B. Bosscher (1997)
 Dissertation: The bc1 complex of the repiratory chain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
H. Boumans (1997)
 Dissertation: The bc1 complex of the respiratory chain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
H. Boumans (1997), p. 204
 Dissertation: Modulation of presynaptic mechanisms involved in hippocampal neurotransmission
A.I.M. Breukel (1997), p. 177
10   Dissertation: Formalizing Organizational Ecology
J.P. Bruggeman (1997), p. 114