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Publication list

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences - 2004

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download 75402 Dissertation: Overview maintenance in man-machine environments : applications in ship navigation
L.T. Aarts (2004), p. 133
download 72184 Dissertation: Ayurvedic and Unani health and beauty products: Reworking India's medical traditions
M. Bode (2004)
 Dissertation: Negotiating womanhood, reproducing inequality. Women and social politics in Peru.
J. Boesten (2004), p. 306
 Dissertation: Translating literature. From romantized representations to the dominance of a commercial logic: the publication of Italian novels in France (1982-2001)
A. Bokobza (2004), p. 341
 Dissertation: Rethinking redistributive land reform: struggles for land and power in the Philippines.
S.M. Borras Jr. (2004), p. 358
download 11341 Dissertation: Parenting in planned lesbian families
H.M.W. Bos (2004), p. 117
download 75013 Dissertation: Motor preparation and sexual action : a psychophysiological perspective on sexual motivation
S. Both (2004), p. 190
download 196266 Dissertation: Anatomische sekse als uitvinding in de botanie : hoe stampers tot vrouwelijke en meeldraden tot mannelijke geslachtsorganen werden (1675-1735)
C.E. Brouwer (2004), p. 391
download 73687 Dissertation: Eroding citizenship : gender and labour in contemporary India
A. Chhachhi (2004), p. 318
10  download 196287 Dissertation: Cognitive studies in simultaneous interpreting
I.K. Christoffels (2004), p. 149