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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2009

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download 129316 Dissertation: Essays on the measurement sensitivity of risk aversion and causal effects in education
A.S. Booij (2009), p. XII, 151
download 154493 Dissertation: Incomplete cartels and antitrust policy : incidence and detection
A.M. Bos (2009), p. 189
download 146554 Dissertation: Nonresponse in sample surveys : methods for analysis and adjustment
F. Cobben (2009), p. 321
download 135264 Dissertation: Rationalised panics : The consequences of strategic uncertainty during financial crises
T.R. DaniĆ«ls (2009), p. XIII, 217
download 144843 Dissertation: Organizational dynamics in social networks : contracts and reputations in the film industry
J.J. Ebbers (2009), p. xiv, 161
download 151993 Dissertation: Empirical essays on education and health
R.J.G. van Ewijk (2009), p. 165
 Dissertation: Expectation formation in dynamic market experiments
P. Heemeijer (2009), p. 298
download 130809 Dissertation: Kahneman and Tversky and the making of behavioral economics
F. Heukelom (2009), p. V, 177
download 134392 Dissertation: Rational and moral action : a critical survey of rational choice theory
J.P.R. de Jonge (2009), p. XV, 659
10  download 137050 Dissertation: The intra-household allocation of time
C.P.B.J. van Klaveren (2009), p. V, 179