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Publication list

Faculty of Economics and Business - 2004

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download 77668 Dissertation: Van bul naar baan
P.H.G. Berkhout (2004), p. 224
download 76523 Dissertation: The future of old-age pensions : its explosion and implosion
P. Cardoso (2004), p. 139
download 72462 Dissertation: Balancing work and family life in Japan and four European countries: econometric analyses on mothers' employment and timing of maternity
E. Kenjoh (2004), p. 223
download 76635 Dissertation: The medium matters: the impact of electronic communication media and evidence strength on belief revision during auditor-client inquiry
A.H. Nöteberg (2004), p. 195
download 505981 Dissertation: Social Interactions and Economic Outcomes
A.R. Soetevent (2004)
download 32468 Dissertation: Towards a theory of information strategy : exploiting market opaqueness in search for inforent
O. Truijens (2004), p. 341