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AMC-UvA - 2011

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download 343030 Dissertation: The role of Tbx2 in the development of the atrioventriculair canal and conduction system of the heart. `Making the beat go on and on`
W.T.J. Aanhaanen (2011), p. 151
download 201743 Dissertation: Data interchange standards in healthcare: semantic interoperability in preoperative assessment
L. Ahmadian (2011), p. 144
download 215405 Dissertation: Role of Transglutaminase 2 in vascular remodeling
H.H.O. van den Akker (2011), p. 185
download 201626 Dissertation: Slovenian health care in transition: Studies on the changes in the Slovenian health care system from 1985 until 2010
T. Albreht (2011), p. 168
download 346178 Dissertation: The role of the renin-angiotensin system in acute lung injury
R.M. van Asperen (2011), p. 129
 Dissertation: Medicine, a threat to health: limitations of drug, non drug treatments and protocolized medicine
R. Atiqi (2011), p. 127
 Dissertation: Surgical implications of novel PET technologies in breast cancer, lung cancer and melanoma
T.S. Aukema (2011)
download 228146 Dissertation: β2-glycoprotein I in innate immunity
Ç. Ağar (2011), p. 138
download 335146 Dissertation: GFR meets mTOR: value of different methods to measure and estimate GFR & (side) effects of mTOR inhibition in renal transplantation
M.C. Baas (2011), p. 149
10  download 202806 Dissertation: Infectious souvenirs: the toll of travel?
G.G.G. Baaten (2011), p. 152