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Publication list

AMC-UvA - 2010

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download 187368 Dissertation: The effects of a synbiotic in infants with atopic dermatitis
L.B. van der Aa (2010), p. 167
 Dissertation: Functional specialization of human skin dendritic cell subsets in immunity to different classes of pathogens
A.M.G. van Aar (2010)
 Dissertation: LDL cholesterol lowering beyond statins
F. Akdim (2010)
download 162916 Dissertation: Constipation in infancy and childhood : New insights into pathophysiological aspects and treatment
N.L.H. Bekkali (2010), p. 183
download 162050 Dissertation: Acute lung injury in children : from viral infection and mechanical ventilation to inflammation and apoptosis
R.A. Bem (2010), p. 176
download 167184 Dissertation: B cell biology and the development of mature B cell lymphomas
R.J. Bende (2010), p. 225
 Dissertation: Arrest: optimizing out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation
J. Berdowski (2010), p. 279
 Dissertation: Consequences of allo- and CMV-specific T cell responses in renal allograft recipients
P.J.E.J. van de Berg (2010), p. 163
download 174781 Dissertation: Culturally appropriate hypertension care: from patients’ perspectives towards practical tools
E.J.A.J. Beune (2010), p. 165
10   Dissertation: Women and/or children first: methods to handle multiple outcomes in obstetrics
D. Bijlenga (2010), p. 219