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Publication list

AMC-UvA - 2002

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download 61441 Dissertation: Allele specific inhibition. A novel approach to cancer therapy
A.L.M.A. ten Asbroek (2002), p. 143
download 196985 Dissertation: HIV infection and malaria in pregnancy in western Kenya. Their interaction and effects on maternal and infant health
J.G. Ayisi (2002)
download 61475 Dissertation: Angiotensin II receptor antagonists and sympathetic neurotransmission
J.C. Balt (2002), p. 226
download 195639 Dissertation: HIV-1 sensitivity to neutralization: biological and molecular studies
T. Beaumont (2002), p. 115
download 65252 Dissertation: Regulation of HIV-1 reverse transcription
N. Beerens (2002), p. 125
download 65617 Dissertation: Stereotactic pallidotomy in Parkinson's disease
R.M.A. de Bie (2002), p. 128
download 63440 Dissertation: In vivo signal transduction: mitogen activated protein kinases in inflammation
B. van den Blink (2002), p. 176
download 85925 Dissertation: Morphostasis of the adult gastrointestinal tract
G.R. van den Brink (2002), p. 252
 Dissertation: De rechtshandeling in strijd met de goede zeden
V. van den Brink (2002), p. 257
10  download 66315 Dissertation: The use of diagnostic laparoscopy in patients with suspected appendicitis
W.T. van den Broek (2002), p. 118