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Publication list

AMC-UvA - 2001

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download 57885 Dissertation: Aspects of photodetection in cervical and ovarian neoplasia
M.C.G. Aalders (2001), p. 130
download 59048 Dissertation: Eosinophil decranulation as an allergy activation marker
C.J. Admiraal (2001), p. 208
download 59069 Dissertation: Epidemiological studies of HIV infection in woman
B.H.B. van Benthem (2001), p. 138
download 195318 Dissertation: Aspects of the life and death of neutrophils: adhesion, activation and apoptosis
J.M. van den Berg (2001), p. 151
download 58309 Dissertation: Chromosomal mosaicism in the placenta. Presence and consequences
G.H. Blom (2001), p. 158
download 59608 Dissertation: Hemodilution, blood transfusion, and regional oxygenation
J. van Bommel (2001), p. 207
download 60502 Dissertation: Receptor-mediated import of proteins into peroxisomes
G. Bottger (2001), p. 136
download 59328 Dissertation: Functional and immunological studies in children with chronic renal failure: the effects of uremia and dialysis treatment
A.H.M. Bouts (2001), p. 183
download 57920 Dissertation: Assessment of satisfaction with cancer care: development, cross-cultural psychometric analysis and application of a comprehensive instrument
A. Bredart (2001), p. 126
10  download 59538 Dissertation: Haemophilus influenzae and airway inflammation in chronic bronchitis
P. Bresser (2001), p. 135