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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2012

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download 450535 Proefschrift: Sink or swim: submergence tolerance and survival strategies in Rorippa and Arabidopsis
M. Akman (2012), p. 137
download 346226 Proefschrift: Isomers of green leaf volatiles in Nicotiana attenuata and their role in plant-insect interactions
S. Allmann (2012), p. 182
download 364125 Proefschrift: Infrared spectroscopy of mass-selected aromatic and diamondoid molecular ions: a laboratory quest for the organic inventory in space
H. Alvaro Galue (2012), p. x, 174
download 352508 Proefschrift: Models of language: towards a practice-based account of information in natural language
E.J. Andrade-Lotero (2012), p. xi, 206
 Proefschrift: Droplet dynamics
M. Aytouna (2012)
download 460879 Proefschrift: Geometric integration and thermostat methods for Hamiltonian systems
J. Bajars (2012), p. xii, 156
download 363228 Proefschrift: Modes of operation and parameter selection in on-line comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography
F. Bedani (2012), p. viii, 124
download 451977 Proefschrift: Chiral supramolecular ligands in transition metal catalysis
R. Bellini (2012), p. 147
download 355969 Proefschrift: On the effects of sampling, analysis and interpretation strategies for complex forensic DNA research with focus on sexual assault cases
C.C.G. Benschop (2012), p. 181
10  download 456158 Proefschrift: Modulation of immune tolerance: the role of tolerogenic dendritic cells and TNF╬▒
M.A. Boks (2012), p. 149