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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2006

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download 20281 Proefschrift: The effects of stress and corticosterone on synaptic plasticity and neuronal morphology in the rodent hippocampus
D.N. Alfarez (2006), p. 127
 Proefschrift: Tomato defense responses induced by spider mites
K. Ament (2006), p. 120
download 22341 Proefschrift: Bridging time and length scales in dissipative particle dynamics
J.A. Backer (2006), p. 126
download 23505 Proefschrift: Photoactive hydrogen-bonded rotaxanes
J. Baggerman (2006), p. 145
download 36261 Proefschrift: Evolution and ecology of infectious disease
W.M. van Ballegooijen (2006), p. 106
download 39658 Proefschrift: The role of phospholipase D in plant stress responses
B.O.R. Bargmann (2006), p. 111
download 33637 Proefschrift: Lattices of intermediate and cylindric modal logics
N. Bezhanishvili (2006), p. 224
download 89864 Proefschrift: Microtubule associated proteins and plasticity in the developing and diseased brain
K. Boekhoorn (2006), p. 236
download 35432 Proefschrift: Optimization problems in financial mathematics : explicit solutions for diffusion models
E.V. Boguslavskaya (2006), p. 82
10  download 23907 Proefschrift: Rill initiation and development in relation to dynamic soil properties
N.A. Bouma (2006), p. 317