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Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica - 2003

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download 68168 Proefschrift: Diversity and dynamics of the vegetation on the sandstone plateaus of the Colombian Amazonia
M.V. Arbelaez Velasquez (2003)
download 197469 Proefschrift: The role of the PHB complex in mitochondrial biogenesis
M. Artal Sanz (2003), p. 147
download 69523 Proefschrift: Mesoscopic Computational Haemodynamics
A.M.M. Artoli (2003), p. 134
download 71662 Proefschrift: XLMS3D Cross-linking and mass spectrometry for protein structure elucidation
J.W. Back (2003), p. 80
download 87003 Proefschrift: Interactive Exploration in Virtual Environments
R.G. Belleman (2003), p. 173
download 67138 Proefschrift: An investigation of Holocene sun-climate relationships using numerical C-14 wiggle-match dating of peat deposits
M.A. Blaauw (2003), p. 106
download 70584 Proefschrift: Single W measurement at Delphi
H.M. Blom (2003), p. 166
download 67667 Proefschrift: Coherent light and x-ray scatering studies of the dynamics of colloids in confinement
J.H.H. Bongaerts (2003), p. 145
download 86440 Proefschrift: Coating strategies for the protection of outdoor bronze art and ornamentation
L.B. Brostoff (2003), p. 180
10  download 69138 Proefschrift: Imagining metaphors : cognitive representation in interpretation and understanding
E.C. Brouwer (2003), p. 258