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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2012

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download 353528 Proefschrift: Many voices of a Turkish state factory: working at Bakirköy Cloth Factory, 1932-50
G. Akgöz (2012), p. x, 331
download 363406 Proefschrift: Family crisis intervention
C.M.W. Al (2012), p. 139
download 363593 Proefschrift: Peace education in the Moluccas, Indonesia: between global models and local interests
R.A. Amirrachman (2012), p. xiii, 307
download 361504 Proefschrift: Public images of right-wing populist leaders: the role of the media
L. Bos (2012), p. 174
download 444323 Proefschrift: Residential practices of middle classes in the field of parenthood
W.R. Boterman (2012), p. 212
download 453457 Proefschrift: La búsqueda de justicia desde los microespacios de la política: organizaciones de mujeres desplazadas en Colombia
D.A. Britto Ruiz (2012), p. 421
download 364084 Proefschrift: Station area developments in Tokyo and what the Randstad can learn from it
P.R.W.E. Chorus (2012), p. 388
download 460092 Proefschrift: A joint approach: brain structure & function in heavy cannabis users & their relationship with future use
J. Cousijn (2012), p. 184
download 459968 Proefschrift: Fooling the feeling of doing: a goal perspective on illusions of agency
L.A. Dannenberg (2012), p. 108
10   Proefschrift: HIV/AIDS treatment in two Ghanaian hospitals: experiences of patients, nurses and doctors
J.M. Dapaah (2012), p. XI, 175