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Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2003

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download 69034 Proefschrift: Host-stranger relations in Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam. A comparison of local policies toward labour migrants
M.A. Alexander (2003), p. 322
download 71020 Proefschrift: The solidarity of self-interest: Social and cultural feasibility of rural health insurance in Ghana
D. Arhinful (2003), p. 222
download 101645 Proefschrift: Structural adjustment: source of structural adversity. Socio-economic stress, health and child nutritional status in Zimbabwe
L. Bijlmakers (2003), p. 286
download 68754 Proefschrift: From onset to entropy : spelling-pronunciation patterns in six languages
S.R. Borgwaldt (2003), p. 144
download 195738 Proefschrift: Conceptual issues in psychological measurement
D. Borsboom (2003), p. 202
download 196032 Proefschrift: Task demands and test expectations. Theory and empirical research on students' preparation for a teacher-made test
H. Broekkamp (2003), p. 152
download 70821 Proefschrift: Television advertising aimed at children
M.A. Buijzen (2003)
 Proefschrift: Discovering the Locus of European Integration. The contribution of planning to European governance in the cases of Structural Fund programmes, Trans-European Networks, Natura 2000, and Agri-Environmental Measures
W.W. Buunk (2003)
download 69873 Proefschrift: Performance monitoring and decision-making : psychophysiological and developmental analyses
E.A.M. Crone (2003), p. 199
10  download 70224 Proefschrift: Rain falls on all of us (but some manage to get more wet than others) : political context and electoral participation
M.H. van Egmond (2003), p. 148