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Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen - 2010

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download 158814 Proefschrift: De grote uitleg van Amsterdam : stadsontwikkeling in de zeventiende eeuw
J.E. Abrahamse (2010), p. 346, 127
download 193353 Proefschrift: Mentioning and then refuting an anticipated counterargument: a conceptual and empirical study of the persuasiveness of a mode of strategic manoeuvring
B. Amjarso (2010), p. 132
download 192973 Proefschrift: Maneuvering strategically in a political interview: analyzing and evaluating responses to an accusation of inconsistency
C. Andone (2010)
download 187433 Proefschrift: Unrealized promises: the subject of postcolonial discourse and the new international division of labor
P. Aroch Fugellie (2010), p. 316
download 172252 Proefschrift: Against all odds: aiding political parties in Georgia and Ukraine
M. Bader (2010), p. 197
download 187388 Proefschrift: A German catastrophe? German historians and the Allied bombings, 1945-2010
B.R. von Benda-Beckmann (2010), p. 387
 Proefschrift: "Oh infelice! Oh misero!": Een literaire, metrische en musicologische analyse van het lamento in Ariosto en Tasso
A.A.R. van der Berg (2010), p. 285
download 163590 Proefschrift: Between Noise and Silence : Sound, Technology and Urban Space during Nazi Germany
C.J. Birdsall (2010), p. 279
download 170441 Proefschrift: The foundation, planning and building of new towns in the 13th and 14th centuries in Europe : an architectural-historical research into urban form and its creation
W.N.A. Boerefijn (2010), p. 518
10  download 179945 Proefschrift: Amor mundi: Hannah Arendt's political phenomenology of world
M. Borren (2010), p. 330