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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2012

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download 453344 Proefschrift: Memory-type control charts in statistical process control
N. Abbas (2012), p. x, 129
download 458315 Proefschrift: Perceived discrimination: why applicants and employees expect and perceive discrimination
N. Abu Ghazaleh (2012), p. 120
download 456106 Proefschrift: Experiments on heterogeneous expectations and switching behavior
T. Bao (2012), p. vi, 167
download 442441 Proefschrift: Other people‚Äôs money: essays on capital market frictions
M.R.C. Bersem (2012), p. vi, 131
download 446725 Proefschrift: Decency and the market: the ILO's Decent Work Agenda as a moral market boundary
M.L. Biermans (2012), p. vii, 226
download 450464 Proefschrift: Essays in behavioural economics
T. Buser (2012), p. 111
download 364107 Proefschrift: The added value of auditing in a non-mandatory environment
H.B. Duits (2012), p. 208
download 459086 Proefschrift: Statistical evaluation of binary measurement systems
T.P. Erdmann (2012), p. vi, 114
download 364181 Proefschrift: Essays on empirical likelihood in economics
Z. Gao (2012), p. 110
10  download 357884 Proefschrift: Groups in economics
J. Gillet (2012), p. 118