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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2011

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download 227408 Proefschrift: Theoretical and practical reason in economics: capacities and capabilities
R.F. Crespo (2011), p. 110
download 338163 Proefschrift: Formalizing the concepts of crimes and criminals
P.G. Elzinga (2011), p. IX, 230
download 229084 Proefschrift: Vertical relations in cartel theory: managerial incentives, buyer groups & antitrust damages
M.A. Han (2011), p. ix, 212
download 345385 Proefschrift: Turgot en Smith; een paar apart
A.C. Hoyng (2011), p. 216
download 340224 Proefschrift: Associative corporate governance: the steel industry case
P.K. Joustra (2011), p. 325
download 340250 Proefschrift: Process flow improvement in services and healthcare
B.P.H. Kemper (2011), p. x, 126
download 341764 Proefschrift: Fiscal policy and the business cycle: the impact of government expenditures, public debt, and sovereign risk on macroeconomic fluctuations
M.K. Kirchner (2011), p. xx, 226
download 333385 Proefschrift: Structural analysis of complex ecological economic optimal control problems
T. Kiseleva (2011), p. iv, 125
download 344318 Proefschrift: Firms, shocks, and business cycles
M. Lozej (2011), p. v, 257
10  download 206943 Proefschrift: Essays on valuation and risk management for insurers
H.J. Plat (2011), p. 148