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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2007

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download 50898 Proefschrift: Selected topics on nonparametric conditional quantiles and risk theory
Y. Cheng (2007), p. 176
download 45725 Proefschrift: Leiderschap en motivatie : wat drijft en beweegt de topmanagers in Nederlandse organisaties?
J.A. Damen (2007), p. 192
download 44334 Proefschrift: Bounded rationality and heterogeneity in economic dynamic model
P.D.E. Dindo (2007), p. 163
download 53338 Proefschrift: Social imaginaries of technology and work : a connective ethnography
V.M. Dirksen (2007), p. 215
 Proefschrift: Baring the threads: social capital, vulnarability and the well-being of children in Guatemala
E.J.E. Gustafsson-Wright (2007), p. 168
 Proefschrift: Observing and registering emotional satisfaction of customer contacts : for customer satisfaction & loyalty
H. Güngör (2007), p. 176
download 45374 Proefschrift: Three essays on the effects of banking regulations
R. Huang (2007), p. 177
download 54900 Proefschrift: Individual innovation : the connection between leadership and employees’ innovative work behavior
J.P.J. de Jong (2007), p. 223
download 44755 Proefschrift: The economic measurement of psychological risk attitudes
G. van de Kuilen (2007), p. vi, 150
10  download 40831 Proefschrift: The effect of controller involvement in management on performance measurement system gaming
V.S. Maas (2007), p. 161