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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 2003

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download 67520 Proefschrift: By law and by custom: Factors affecting small and medium-sized enterprises during the transition in Lithuania
R.K. Aidis (2003), p. 263
download 70243 Proefschrift: Real Estate Securitization and Corporate Strategy: From bricks to buck
D. Brounen (2003)
download 68496 Proefschrift: European Integration , Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Behaviour
P.A.D. Cavelaars (2003)
download 70132 Proefschrift: Quantitative Analysis of Well-being with economic Applications
A. Ferrer-i-Carbonell (2003)
download 196050 Proefschrift: Technical Analysis in Financial Markets
G.A.W. Griffioen (2003)
download 69000 Proefschrift: Government interference in a dynamic economy
A. van der Horst (2003), p. 263
download 68437 Proefschrift: Essays in Nonlinear Economic Dynamics
S. Manzan (2003), p. 118
download 68015 Proefschrift: De taal van verandering
R. van den Nieuwenhof (2003), p. 506
download 69111 Proefschrift: ICT Enabled Distribution of Services: Service Positioning Strategies, Front Office Information and Multi-channeling
E.J. de Vries (2003)
10  download 28047 Proefschrift: Lessons in teacher pay: studies on incentives and the labor market for teachers
J.M. Waterreus (2003), p. 169