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Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde - 1999

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download 470442 Proefschrift: Financial Structure and Monetary Transmission in Europe: A Cross-Country Study
G.J. de Bondt (1999)
download 470775 Proefschrift: Nature and Human Nature - An environmental-economic view in historical perspective
J.A. Doeleman (1999)
download 471893 Proefschrift: Sustainability, Livelihood, Production and Effort Supply in a Declining Fishery. The case of Kenya's Lake Victoria fisheries
M.M. Ikiara (1999)
download 472694 Proefschrift: A Strategic Paradigm: Linking Marketing and TQM in Higher Educational Institutions
L. Lin (1999)
download 473103 Proefschrift: Household energy demand and environmental management in Kenya
F.O. Nyang (1999)
download 473702 Proefschrift: Albania; Transition to a Market Economy
K. Sadiraj (1999)
download 474101 Proefschrift: Estimation and Inference with the Efficient Method of Moments: With Applications to Stochastic Volatility Models and Option Pricing
P.J. van der Sluis (1999)
download 474524 Proefschrift: Price dynamics in equilibrium models
J. Tuinstra (1999)
download 475020 Proefschrift: Squeezing Birth into Working Life. Household Panel Data Analyses Comparing Germany, Great-Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden
C.M.M.P. Wetzels (1999)