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AMC-UvA - 2007

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download 47444 Proefschrift: Early changes during acute pancreatitis
G.J.D. van Acker (2007), p. 152
download 42383 Proefschrift: Local gene therapy for the treatment of arthritis
J. Adriaansen (2007), p. 208
download 43623 Proefschrift: Optimizing treatment of patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma
B.M.P. Aleman (2007), p. 177
 Proefschrift: Free fatty acids and the regulation of glucose metabolism : studies on physiological variations of free fatty acids
G. Allick (2007), p. 119
download 45017 Proefschrift: Critical appraisal and potential improvement of rectal cancer treatment
R. Bakx (2007), p. 215
 Proefschrift: Inhibition of HIV-1 entry: the emergence of a drug-dependent virus
C.E. Baldwin (2007), p. 144
download 45315 Proefschrift: Radiotherapy in lung cancer : a moving field
J.S.A. Belderbos (2007), p. 183
download 48517 Proefschrift: Childhood constipation: abnormalities in the colorectal function
M.M. van den Berg (2007), p. 187
download 54401 Proefschrift: Hyperthermia, cisplatin and radiation trimodality treatment : in vitro studies on interaction mechanisms
J.W.J. Bergs (2007), p. 190
10  download 48210 Proefschrift: Developmental and biochemical characterization of activators of the RB and p53 tumor suppressor pathways
W. den Besten (2007), p. 112