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AMC-UvA - 2006

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download 198497 Proefschrift: Clinical consequences of ovarian stimulation in assisted conception and in PCOS
H.G. Al-Inany (2006), p. 250
 Proefschrift: Quality of perinatal care in a multi-ethnic population
M.E. Alderliesten (2006), p. 141
download 123187 Proefschrift: Health services research at work for national health policy
A.H.A. ten Asbroek (2006), p. 225
download 155375 Proefschrift: The Lichtenstein inguinal hernia repair : applicability, antibiotic prophylaxis and complications
T.J. Aufenacker (2006), p. 144
download 90115 Proefschrift: On the use of antiretroviral medication for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in Thailand
R.S. Autar (2006), p. 151
download 39581 Proefschrift: Molecular mechanisms in the development of Barrett's esophagus
J.W.P.M. van Baal (2006), p. 176
 Proefschrift: Defining T cell subpopulations : from phenotype to function
P.A. Baars (2006), p. 127
 Proefschrift: Biocompatibility and transport studies in peritoneal dialysis
A. Bajgarova (2006), p. 211
download 444860 Proefschrift: Pediatric HIV-1-infection: perspectives on vaccination strategies and immune reconstitution during long-term antiretroviral therapy
V. Bekker (2006), p. 144
10  download 32479 Proefschrift: Post-transcriptional modulation of IL-6 and IL-8 responses in structural airway cells
A. van den Berg (2006), p. 154