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AMC-UvA - 2005

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 Proefschrift: Genetic counseling for familial conditions during pregnancy : causes and consequences
C.M. Aalfs (2005), p. 136
 Proefschrift: Central components of the human hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis and their role in nonthyroidal illness
J.M. Alkemade (2005), p. 87
download 17683 Proefschrift: The mouse trap : resolving the role of Frat in Wnt-signal transduction
R. van Amerongen (2005), p. 143
download 196642 Proefschrift: T3, or no T3, that is the question : studies in the primary hypothydroidism and major depression
B.C. Appelhof (2005), p. 176
 Proefschrift: Performance reexamined: concepts, contents and context of measuring health system performance
O.A. Arah (2005), p. 253
download 101767 Proefschrift: Information for intensive care evoluation : methods to asses and improve data quality and data processing
D.G.T. Arts (2005), p. 144
download 198212 Proefschrift: Epidemiological studies among injecting drug users infected with HIV : highly active antiretroviral therapy, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, immunology
L.C.H.I. van Asten (2005), p. 111
 Proefschrift: Diagnostics tailored to HIV-1 subtype C: the Ethiopian experience
W. Ayele (2005), p. 180
 Proefschrift: Epidemiology and prevention of leprosy : a cohort study in Indonesia
M.I. Bakker (2005), p. 165
10   Proefschrift: Population and general practice based studies on sexually transmitted infections in The Netherlands : with a focus on chlamydia trachomatis
J.E.A.M. van Bergen (2005), p. 143